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Bella & Duke cat n dog food box discountSave 65% off your first Bella & Duke dog or cat food box


Bella & Duke are offering a massive 65% discount plus free gift and free delivery. No discount code is needed if you choose this exclusive sign-up offer.That means you can get a cash discount of up to £61.80!.

Start by taking the pet quiz to creat the perfect healthy pet food meal every single day for your feline or pooch.


Bella & Duke is the only frozen raw dog food rated 98/100. It offers unique benefits:

Supports your pet's health
All healthy meals are designed to support your pet’s health & happiness, behaviour, balance energy levels, help eradicate intolerances / sensitivities and help with other health concerns such as obesity, irritable bowels, pancreatitis & arthritis

100% natural & nutritious
Meals are 100% natural. Using only the highest quality ingredients, they are delicious blend of high quality cuts of meat & bones as well as oils, antioxidants, herbs, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries to help your pet thrive.

Each 4kg pet food box, which contains 8 x 500g trays of dog food or 16 x 250g trays of cat food, which will fit in 1 standard freezer drawer.

Try out your first box and watch your pet for a glossier coat, fresher breath and improved digestion.

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