Free Felix Cat Crunchy Crumbles

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Grab free sample of Felix Crunchy Crumbles....


Start by clicking 'GET FREEBIE' which will take you to the free Crunchy Crumble sample section on Felix' facebook page. Either sign-up straight away or play a fun matching game. It only takes a couple of minutes to put in your details to order the free sample of Felix cat food.


We signed up and received a double pack in the post within 2 weeks of applying. There are actually two freebies in the pack:

- 6g dry topping free sample of Felix Crunchy Crumbles

- 100g wet cat food with chicken in jelly flavour

Please help fellow cat lovers by posting a freebie product review below. UPDATE: Please note from time to time this facebook promotion may not be available, but rest assured we are trying to get our free Felix Crunchy Crumbles back on Pet Points asap.

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