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Some of you may still be unsure about feeding your dog a plant based vegan diet, so here are some answers to common questions:

Can Dogs Be Vegan? Don’t Dogs Need Meat?

The simple answer is ‘YES, they can be vegan’ and ‘NO, they don’t need meat’! Dogs’ internal make-up has adapted over thousands of years of domestication to allow them to easily digest and process plant-based diets. Today, they can get everything they need, nutritionally, from a meat-free diet. And yes, that includes protein! Dogs can get all the nutritious proteins they need from vegan dog food.

Is It Healthy For Dogs To Be Vegan?

‘YES’: not only can dogs do fine on plant-based food, but they can also live their absolute healthiest, waggiest lives. Interesting some meat-based food often isn’t that healthy at all, being linked with growing cancer rates, obesity and allergies.

My Dog Has Allergies: Should I Feed A Vegan Diet?

Absolutely! In the past, people have mistakenly blamed grain for allergies in dogs, assuming that, like humans, dogs are often gluten intolerant.

Should Dogs Eat Vegetables Every Day?

This is an interesting one. Because dogs have evolved to effectively digest the starches in vegetables and use the nutrients from these plant-based produce in their bodies, there’s no reason why they can’t eat them seven days a week. In fact, just like with humans, eating a decent helping of veg every day is a great way to keep the dog doctor away! However, variety is key. Luckily, pet food companies like THE PACK do this for you by creating delicious meals that include a whole range of vegetables and other plant-based ingredients, delivering all the nutrients that your pup needs to thrive.

Is Vegan Dog Food Ethical?

Obviously not all vegan dog food is created equal. However, the very fact that your bowl doesn’t include animal products means it’s going to be a more ethical meal than a meat-based doggy dinner: no living creature has been raised and slaughtered to feed your dog. Finally, when meat is taken out of dog food, amount of CO2 emissions are reduced, as well as your dog’s environmental pawprint in terms of land use, water use and rainforest/habitat destruction.

Is Vegan Dog Food Expensive?

In comparison to most commercial meat-based dog food, it would appear so. However, the lower price of those meaty chunks is a false economy, taxpayers like you actually funding all those additional costs associated with rearing animals for food. Clearly, when you pay extra for this kind of delicious plant-based food, you’re investing in all the nutrients your dog needs without the nasties. Which means that, in the long-term, you may end up spending less money on vet bills…

If you are keen to try, then use exclusive discount voucher code PETPOINTS to sample some of the best vegan dog food there is.


30% saving off THE PACK's plant-based wet meals which are 100% nutritionally complete, high in protein (10%), science led and use only the highest quality premium ingredients. All meals have a high inclusion of superfoods and were created with industry expert pet food technologists and animal nutritionists to ensure our meals are deliciously savoury, succulent and fulfilling.

As vegan dog food is much lighter on the planet’s resources, we’ll also help reduce your environmental pawprint. With up to 17.6x less CO2e per can than a meat-based meal. Winner, winner, plant-based dinner!

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