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  • Brightening The Lives Of Pets: Exploring The Growing Trend Of Red Light Therapy In Veterinary Care

    As our understanding of animal well-being evolves, so too does the repertoire of treatments available to promote their health. One area of veterinary medicine experiencing rapid growth in recent years is light therapy, specifically red light therapy. read more


  • How Common Pests Pose A Serious Risk To Your Furry Companions

    Your pets are part of the family, offering companionship, love, and even a sense of security. But just as you are susceptible to threats in your environment, so too are your pets - especially from common pests. read more


  • Incorporating Herbal Extracts As A Natural Solution For Common Pet Ailments

    Pet ownership comes with a significant responsibility for the health and well-being of your furry friend. When pets face common ailments such as anxiety, arthritis, or obesity, many owners turn to pharmaceutical solutions to alleviate symptoms. read more


  • Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Dog's Oral Hygiene

    Oral hygiene is not just a concern for humans but is equally crucial for our four-legged friends. Neglecting your dog's dental health can lead to a multitude of issues, ranging from bad breath and tooth decay to more severe conditions like gum disease and even heart problems. read more


  • 7 things we love about exploded onto an unsuspecting doggy public in the UK almost a decade ago. Back in 2013, the pet food industry was dominated by tins and big bags of indinstinguishable brown kibble piled high on supermarket shelves. read more


  • Why dogs and cats need joint supplements

    Your pet deserves a life without boundaries. One where they can walk, run, climb, jump and play to their heart’s content. YuMOVE help with all-natural joint care supplements and every single one of their products is packed with the finest quality, active ingredients. read more


  • How to get free cat food samples in UK

    There are a bewildering amount of cat food options on the market. From big names such as Purina, Royal Canin and Iams to newer entrants such as Cats Republic, KatKin and others. You also have the choice of a hybrid wet cat food diet or dry food only. read more


  • Long grass in parks present lethal danger for dogs

    A recent trend across Ealing is for the council to beautify our parks by keeping grass long in areas around trees to create a meadow like vista. These designated areas may also get planted with wild flowers which look lovely and encourage bees to support our entire eco system. However this has spurned a pontentially lethal danger to dogs read more


  • Why You Need Your Pet More Than They Need You

    We all know that our four-legged friend is really just another member of the family. Like a child, we do everything for them from feeding them, taking them to doctor appointments, and even spoiling them! And if you haven’t figured this out yet, they do a lot for their owners too!... read more


  • Ideas for Pet Gifts

    For all the cat-lovers out there, September is Happy Cat Month and showing appreciation for our feline companions is important during this time. Giving a thoughtful gift is easy as there is an array of creative gift ideas to prove our love and devotion to our furry family members. more...


  • Pet Christmas gifts you can make for FREE

    They are part of the family, so why would we forget to include our fur-babies in our Christmas gift buying and making efforts each year? There is so much choice from tasty homemade dog treats to DIY hamster toys. more...


  • Dog Boarding, Cat Sitter… Whats the Difference?

    When you like to travel but you have pets to contend with, it’s often difficult to determine what types of accommodations are best suited for your feline friend or canine companion. Here, we’ll take a look at a few different options and share information on red flags that should send you running in the opposite direction... read more


  • New Pet Study reveals how much UK spends on pets

    A recent study found that Brits spend on average £1,150 a year or £95 a month on their pets. This results in spending an eye-watering 10 billion a year on their dogs and 8 billion a year on their cats!... read more


  • The Best Free Pet Stuff Online

    The best things in life may be free, but what would life be without a dog or a cat (what are we)? Okay so enough with the cheesy Janet Jackson / Abba lyrics and lets get down to important business. We need to talk about the freebies, pet lovers... read more


  • Emergency Survival Kits For Dogs

    In the following post, we will look at an infographic we recently had made. The reason we had it made was to help people properly prepare for emergencies. In a similar way to a ‘go bag’ that many organisations and charities are encouraging people to have ready in their car or home if a natural disaster, terrorist attack or some other kind of emergency occurs; we feel it only makes sense that pet owners should do the same for their beloved animal friends... read more


  • How Animals Can Help Children with Emotional Disabilities

    It has been a long-standing fact that animals have a connection with people that goes beyond the physical touch. This is why we have so many outstanding organizations across the world that work with children and adults with physical disabilities to help them achieve a better way of life. read more


  • Human Food for Dogs - Can & Can not eat list

    Did you know that French fries are the equivalent of poison for dogs? Yes, neither did we. So many times, we share human foods with our dogs without really giving it a second thought, and that is a reflex we should change. read more


  • Assistance Dogs - Behaviour Guide

    There are over 7,000 disabled individuals in the UK* who rely on assistance dogs to help with simple everyday task in addition to providing emotional support and giving each individual greater confidence, assistance dogs are life savers. They really do change lives. read more


  • Summer Guide to Grooming your Dog

    Dogs come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but as the weather is currently at its peak here in the UK, its worth knowing how often our dogs should visit the local grooming salon during the summer months. For dogs with thick or long coats it can get particularly uncomfortable... read more


  • How to take part in National Pet Remembrance Day

    All pet owners know that after introducing an animal into their home, these furry, scaly or feathered friends swiftly become part of the family. They’re there for us when we’re down, never judgmental and always around to lighten the mood. It’s therefore always a difficult time when a pet dies. Read more


  • Bring Your Dog to Work Day 23rd June 2017

    15th June 2017 written by Holly Barry

    Every dog has its day and this year it’s the 23rd of June where companies up and down the country will be celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day. It’s a day where we honour our furry friends by welcoming them into our work places to celebrate the mutual adoration, love and support between owner and pet. The aim of the National Day is to raise money for charities dedicated to the welfare of dogs. read more


  • Essential Holiday Checklist for You and your Dog

    11th April 2017 written by Holly Barry

    With summer almost upon us, many of us are thinking about what we’re going to do with regards to our holiday this year. The weather has been kind to us so far, and this means that excitement is starting to brew knowing that walks on the beach or in the countryside are only just around the corner. It is a great time to start thinking about your plans so that you can book your holiday for summer 2017... read more


  • How to Remedy My Dogs Increasing Aggression

    24th November 2016 written by Holly Barry

    All dogs have a range of behaviours that they use to cope with any stressful situations or perceived challenges that they encounter each day. Many of these traits are passive in nature, such as the dog moving away from something it feels uncomfortable about, or displaying appeasement, through ways such as rolling over onto its back. However, if the dog continues to feel stressed by a situation, this passivity can quickly turn into more


  • Why is my dog a fussy eater and what can I do

    21st September 2016 posted by Peter

    There is nothing more disheartening than placing down your pet’s meal with love and care, only to see them stare at it and wander off with disappointment. Often a fussy eater is a result of feeding your dog too many table scraps or too many treats; they feel as though there is something better to eat and so refuse their own meals. However... read more


  • Puppy Food Guide: What to feed your puppy

    Witten by Dr Samantha Ware BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, Lead Nutritionist & Sean McCormack BSc (Hons), MVB, MRCVS, Head Vet

    When your puppy comes home, he will be used to eating around a communal food bowl with his brothers and sisters. However, with you feeding time will be quite different. It’s important to find a quiet spot to place his food bowl, away from children, other dogs or disturbances. Equally important is... read more


  • The Legal Aspects of Owning a Dog: What you need to know

    26th July 2016 posted by Peter

    Looking after a dog is a big responsibility, but what many dog lovers don’t realise is that there are numerous legal obligations associated with dog ownership. Many of these laws simply codify common sense welfare needs and precautions, but others impose quite onerous hoops for you and your dog to jump through. Read more...


  • The rising problem of dog obesity

    21st July 2016 posted by Peter

    As man’s best friend, dogs should be loved, praised and treated to a good life. But at what point does pampering turn to serious harm? According to the Pet Foods Manufacturers Association, nearly half of all dogs seen by vets are overweight. Far from being cute and cuddly, obesity in pets causes much the same problems as it does in humans, shortening their life span by around two years and causing a myriad of physical and medical problems. Read more...


  • Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender Cat Food Review

    29th February 2016 posted by Peter

    We signed-up for this freebie thinking the pack itself would be a bit small to get an idea of what this cat food would be like over a longer term. However we were pleasantly surprised with the 50g Salmon and Tuna flavoured freebie pack we received which was ample to give Wood the cat a good test. Read more...


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