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Hit 'GET FREEBIE' to claim your free Smart Pet Tag (worth £14.99) - the ultimate way to ensure your pet always gets home. This code gives you the free tag, you then just need to pay for the plan. Our tip is to choose a lifetime plan as this gives you the best value and you can update your details as many times as you need!

If your free smart pet tag isn't credited automatically, enter promo code FREETAGPETPOINT


A free Smart Pet Tag (when you subscribe) that you can also link up to your microchip record as well if you want to be 100% sure that all your records are to date. This is why we love them:

1. Safety Pings
You will be notified every time your Smart Pet Tag is scanned.

2. Free updates for life
You only need one tag for life as all updates are free.

3. Lightweight and durable
Smart Pet Tags are built to withstand the toughest pet adventures.

Claim your free tag with any subscription offer for your cat or dog today.

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