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PitPat is the UK’s No.1 dog activity monitor for a good reason. I don't know about you but I've been looking for an app and tracker to help keep my dog in shape. He's definitely looking a wee bit chunky these days so it is a concern, but I don't want to pay too much for one.

PitPat comes with a free app that gives dogs a tailored exercise goal based on their age, breed and weight. It lets owners see their daily activity and awards fun badges for hitting their exercise goals.

As well as tracking distance, rest, calories and more, it also has a built-in weight management feature for pups who need to lose a few pounds!

Use exclusive promo code PETPOINTS to save 10% off the one-off cost of this cool dog activity monitor.


On review, the best things we like about this pet activity collar are:

* Zero subscription fees (just pay initial one-off cost)

* Check dog walkers are actually exercising your dog properly

* Easy to use, lightweight and no fuss (looks pretty cool too)

Remember to use the promo code to get your free £5 discount voucher! - Enter PETPOINTS at checkout. Comes with 21 one day money back gurantee and free delivery too!

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