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Bella & Duke cat n dog food box discountSave 50% off first first Bella & Duke dog or cat food box


Bella & Duke are offering a massive 50% discount off first box and 30% saving off second plus free gift and free delivery. Use promo code AFF5030 to choose this exclusive offer.

Start by taking the pet quiz to creat the perfect healthy pet food meal every single day for your feline or pooch.


Bella & Duke is the only frozen raw dog food rated 98/100. It offers unique benefits:

Supports your pet's health
All healthy meals are designed to support your pet’s health & happiness, behaviour, balance energy levels, help eradicate intolerances / sensitivities and help with other health concerns such as obesity, irritable bowels, pancreatitis & arthritis

100% natural & nutritious
Meals are 100% natural. Using only the highest quality ingredients, they are delicious blend of high quality cuts of meat & bones as well as oils, antioxidants, herbs, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries to help your pet thrive.

Each 4kg pet food box, which contains 8 x 500g trays of dog food or 16 x 250g trays of cat food, which will fit in 1 standard freezer drawer.

Sample your first discount trial box now to give your pet a glossier coat, fresher breath and improved digestion.

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